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Both Sides Now: (02 Jul, 2003)
...until we meet again
A Little Help From Our Friends: (27 Jun, 2003)
We'd like to thank...
Flowery Beds of Ease: (23 Jun, 2003)
Broken parts may have bummed our trip, mauled our buzz, and messed with our groove, but we sailed on, in dreamy contemplation of matters as deep as the sea upon which we were suspended.
Back In The High Life Again: (21 Jun, 2003)
Observations, Statistics, and Opinions.
The Golden Gate: (07 Jun, 2003)
Mission accomplished!
Here We Come To Save The Day: (04 Jun, 2003)
...that means that you know who, is on the way.
Marching Orders: (02 Jun, 2003)
Coming Soon to the GOLDEN GATE. One Day Only, Saturday June 7th. (Also Appearing at the MARINA in Richmond) Click here for show times.
Santa Barbara: (28 May, 2003)
Now playing at the HARBOR. Limited engagement...Don't miss it!
Homeboy: (26 May, 2003)
Your Capatain visits some boyhood haunts in San Diego.
Jiggety-Jig: (23 May, 2003)
We're back in the good old U S of A
Abashed: (21 May, 2003)
Neither waves nor wind nor chill of the Baja's air can stay Maverick as she nears the swift (OK maybe not "swift") completion of her appointed rounds.
With God On His Side: (15 May, 2003)
Sir Francis Drake, the man and the boulevard; celebrated seaman and convenient thoroughfare, or murderous pirate and shameless speedtrap? You decide.
T-shirt Weather: (05 May, 2003)
B-r-r-r! Coldest day in years (though not too cold to accept cold beer from a senior solo sailor).
Mayday: (01 May, 2003)
No news is good news.
Acapulco: (21 Apr, 2003)
Despite sailing backwards at times, Maverick has made it to Manzanillo, Mexico, after a stop in Acapulco for repairs. The Captain will now enjoy the company of Theresa, while the crew makes itself scarce.
Two-Lane Blacktop: (12 Apr, 2003)
Touring Oaxaca in a red Volkswagen.
You'll Start Out Standing: (10 Apr, 2003)
The waves of the Tehuantepecker refract, aparently for the 1st time in recorded history, and our safe harbor isn't so safe after all.
Here Today Gone Tamale: (29 Mar, 2003)
High winds and big waves (again), a parade, Higher winds, and a quest for food made with the renderings of the lardosauras (Manteca sauro).
Birds Fly At Night: (26 Mar, 2003)
Holy Mackerel! You should have seen the one that got away.
Coastal Cruising: (21 Mar, 2003)
Staying close to shore; collision avoidnce techniques.
Homeward Bound: (20 Mar, 2003)
Bound for home.
The Great Divide: (14 Mar, 2003)
Play by play description of the passage through the Panama Canal, and how it looked from web headquarters.
Let Us Cross Over: (10 Mar, 2003)
An overview of the canal's systems, an accounting of the fees, and a description of our preparations.
Dreamworld II: (08 Mar, 2003)
More about the Dule and their customs, and a date for the canal.
Dreamworld: (03 Mar, 2003)
A look at the indigenous people of Panama's San Blas Islands, the Dule. (Special emphasis on women and boats.)
A Different Drummer: (28 Feb, 2003)
Hello from Panama. If we hadn't given the canal away, we'd sorta almost be in our home country now; but we did so we're not.
Sea Trials: (19 Feb, 2003)
While hull repairs were in progress in Carriacou, we installed a prop shaft alarm, new bilge coupling, and cable vane. We also adjusted the transducer valve, removed a pod of transmission barnacles (Pollicipes transitus)and cleaned the exhaust meter. All worked well during our passage to Aruba.
We're B-a-a-ck: (11 Feb, 2003)
...and still floating
The Captain's Love Secrets Revealed: (30 Jan, 2003)
Here Comes the Bride...
Crew of Maverick Invades Grenada: (15 Jan, 2003)
"Roger HOUSTON, we're go with hull repair." And so begins another phase of the adventure as not even a cracked hull can cause a mission scrub.
Parrot Talk: (24 Dec, 2002)
Actual Parrots Inside The Heads of Parrotheads, Anthony Johnson, et al. (New Haven, Unpublished, 1973). Behavior patterns of devotees of Jimmy Buffet, an explication de texte of his “music,” and an anamnesis of the author’s All-Star period.
Huston, We've Got A Problem: (20 Dec, 2002)
It could have been worse.
A Man-Overboard Story: (14 Dec, 2002)
With fine sailing conditions and nothing to complain about, now is a good time for a safety review.
Bump And Grind: (12 Dec, 2002)
Diurnal advection from the ITCS has merged with the our kinematic thermal field, creating a dynamic and turbulent discontinuity, which, of course, results in, to use a technical nautical term, “sloppy” seas.
Hand Jive: (09 Dec, 2002)
A boat is scuttled, an H²O tank is contaminated, and steering by hand is increased.
If It's Going To Happen, It'll Happen Out There: (08 Dec, 2002)
More mechanical troubles, and an Okiva update.
The Dolphins' Rings: (06 Dec, 2002)
Dolphins and circles, Plato and Meno, and empiricism, rationalism, and Terrulianism. (How do they know? How do WE know?)
The Bung: (03 Dec, 2002)
The Problem: Salt water in the combustion chambers.
The Solution: The Bung™

Solution based on unsubstantiated theories, derived from no particular evidence, in a field of which there is no knowledge. Results may vary. Void where prohibited. At participating locations only. Some restrictions apply, check for details. May not be combined with other solutions.
Looking For Adventure: (02 Dec, 2002)
And we didn't have to look far...winds to 40 knots, swells to 15 feet, and water in the cylinders. Any suggestions for the latter?
Head Out On The Highway: (27 Nov, 2002)
Well, wish us luck, we've started across the Atlantic.
Christopher Columbus: (25 Nov, 2002)
What C. Columbus and his crew did is quite impressive; read this report and see if you agree.
And Your Bird Can Sing: (21 Nov, 2002)
Now on a Canary Island, Mr. Shrode is left to repair the vessel, while the Captain (Master?) and Theresa set off to see the sites and sights, including a volcano, a meteor shower, and Homer Simpson speaking Spanish (Español). Also, Who's On (the island) First?
The Master: (02 Nov, 2002)
The Captain, also recognized as a MASTER, explains port of entry requirements and formalities.
The Marrakesh Express: (25 Oct, 2002)
Well, not an express exactly, and it's a bus. But it gets us to Marrakesh and a bit of intrigue. Then, by train, it's off to Casablance where we search for Rick's Cafe Americain.
All Men Shall Be Sailors Until The Sea Shall Free Them: (17 Oct, 2002)
Now in the Atlantic Ocean, there is time to do some thinking about doing some thinking; or, Deep Thinking: Lofty Pathoss or Worthless Prattle?
Don't Know Much About Petrology: (14 Oct, 2002)
Geology, rocks, mud, you know, that sort of stuff.
In A Little Spanish Town: (14 Oct, 2002)
In Spain, a train, traveling through the rain, leads your Captain to an Arabic palace in Granada and to a bullfight in Seville. (Note: the description of this cruel and cowardly act is graphic in its detail.)
The Rock: (08 Oct, 2002)
While motoring (mostly so) from Colom to Gibralter, we stop in Ibiza and take a side trip to Formentera, known for motor scooters and a hippie market.
The Dismasting Story: (26 Sep, 2002), uh...we're on our way to Spain, not much to report...everything's going O.K. Kinda quiet out here. Say, did we tell you about the time Maverick's mast broke almost in two? It was during a race, out near the Farallones, on a dark and stormy day.
Coals To Newcastle: (20 Sep, 2002)
Topics include: Why we haven't written lately; weathermen (and/or women) from four nations aggreeing (incorrectly); the pleasant Balearics; and the surprising conclusion to GRAMMAR QUIZ II™.
Get It While You Can: (29 Aug, 2002)
A sharp response to invidious remarks; a plea for kindness towards Mr. Tolmie; weather keeps us in Italy; Howard Tate to play Sweetwater in Mill Valley.
Just One More Train Ride, Joe: (26 Aug, 2002)
A few words (in English) about France and the French, a ride on a European train, and Grammar Quiz II.
The Wandering Rock: (17 Aug, 2002)
Ciao from Italy, a Nation On Vacation,™ where we’re joined by our friends the Fellers, who themselves are on vacation. This acute vacationing means most electronic repairs will have to wait, though we do rig up an antenna for a couple of radio frequencies, then sail of to visit some of the Aeolian Islands where we find vacationing Italians.
Been Such A Long Way Home: (09 Aug, 2002)
We're in Italy now, but we're not through with ancient Greece and the mythology of modern life.
Ithaca: (02 Aug, 2002)
It was a dark and stormy night in Mesolongion,when a thunderous electrical discharge of the magnitude 1012 watts struck the Bulwer Lytton, a British trawler moored directly aft of Maverick. Collateral damage from this fierce lightning bolt has rendered much of our navigation and electrical equipment, the central nervous system of our beloved Maverick, null and void and has presented us with the challenges of many costly and time-consuming repairs. Also, the last word, hopefully, on the metric system.
Delphi: (25 Jul, 2002)
Famous Dions and the "ism" of their namesake which, when combined with the "ism" of Apollo, represents the human psyche; or so claimed Nietzsche, who went on to explain something-or-other, and was followed by Freud, who taught something similar, or perhaps different.
Corinth: (24 Jul, 2002)
While driving through the 81 foot wide Corinth Canal, we're reminded of Saint Paul's visits to Corinth, the isthmus, hikes to the Acrocorinth, the Pelaponnisos and the Spartans in transit to a major shellacking in the Thermopylae Bowl. We also revisit a measurement system preferred by Congress for trade and commerce.
Socrates in the Agora: (13 Jul, 2002)
The Captain probably visited the site where Socrates, in order to avoid execution for 'corruption of the youth' (allegedly) and 'neglect of the gods' (allegedly), downed some hemlock. But nobody knows.
Captain's Pep Talk: (10 Jul, 2002)
Metaphors from sailing paint the background for an inspirational essay directed to...The Woz? Also, Kansas style precip.
The Battle of Salamis: (09 Jul, 2002)
Recap of 480 BC World Cup final: Greece sinks Persia 300 to 40. Themistocles named MVP.
The Odyssey: (01 Jul, 2002)
Introducing the Greatest Sailor of All Time, The One, The Only, ODYSSEUS!
City-States: (28 Jun, 2002)
With 25 knot winds, it took a day to set our anchor properly. When the meltemi arrived with its 30-45 knot winds, we wondered if the anchor would hold. With our modern equipment, we could have sailed to calmer seas, but the ancient Greeks didn't have that option; could this be why they stayed put in their "city-states?"
Delos: (25 Jun, 2002)
The Greek history lesson you knew was coming, with an emphasis on, what else, sailing.
The Greek Islands: (24 Jun, 2002)
General observations of some Greek islands including, but not limited to; Nisiros, Mikonos, and Naxos.
Meltemi: (22 Jun, 2002)
The basics of setting an anchor, an example of why one can't be too careful when doing so, and how a bum knee saved Maverick. Also, a ferry strike (or rather, a strike by those who operate the ferries) creates an interesting temptation.
And A Bad Go-Getter: (16 Jun, 2002)
Now in Greece, we begin our search for Polyphemus, the Cyclops who, in addition to eating some of Odysseus’ crew (Odysseus being the King of Ithaca and son of Laertes), found time to fall in love with Galatea, who you’ll remember as the woman brought to life by Aphrodite from an ivory statue carved by Pygmalion who also loved her, at least when she was a statue. But Galatea dug Acis so Polyphemus killed him, earning for himself the moniker Βάφ Σǒ-Σεťťεŕ. Also, in this issue, motor-sports results.
Reunited: (13 Jun, 2002)
We finally catch up with Paul and Francis and the Okiva.
Can You Hear Those Church Bells Ringin': (07 Jun, 2002)
No adventures to report, though we did roar through the Taurus Mountains on motorcycles - er, I mean, um, - motorscooters. (Our fine Perkins marine diesel engine quit again, but that's not an "adventure" anymore.)
Beneath The Waves: (31 May, 2002)
Plato and the mythology of Atlantis. (Extra Credit: The geology and volcanology of the island Thera, aka Calliste, the remnant of which is Santorini)
Rock On: (31 May, 2002)
A Geologic mystery with an explanation from Marine Biologist T.Shrode, followed by more geology. Also, an Okiva update.
The Finicky Traveller: (25 May, 2002)
A description, in nautical terms, of our passage to Turkey (don't forget the MAVERICK Glossary); a discussion of the region's conquerers and the antiquities they left behind; and general thoughts about being in Europe.
I Can See Clearly Now: (17 May, 2002)
Now in the Mediterranean Sea, we reflect a bit on our passage through a region we once described as "purgatory."
On The Hook In The Suez Canal: (16 May, 2002)
We hired a pilot, joined a convoy, and made our way through the Suez Canal, despite having...well, take a guess...yup, more engine trouble.
Forward Progress: (12 May, 2002)
We're back at sea, where we encounter more adverse weather, amazing gulls and flies, and a backwards boat.
Vrrooom: (08 May, 2002)
A low to the north means winds from the South so come Friday, we'll head for the Med.
Disasters: (05 May, 2002)
Condo Made of Stona-The Sequel: (28 Apr, 2002)
Repairs, repairs, repairs; $$$, $$$, $$$.
Night Train To Cario: (24 Apr, 2002)
After an overnight train trip to Cairo, we visited some pyramidically shaped structures known as pyramids. Somehow, while at these "pyramids," our attention turned to boats. Cairo also marked the end of our too short visits with Theresa and Caroline.
Into The Valley Of The Nile: (18 Apr, 2002)
During our convoy to Luxor, we pondered the death of gods. While in Luxor, we went...sailing (after our compulsory breakfast of course!). Also, good news concerning the Okiva; bad news about the orangutans of Borneo.
Send Your Camel To Bed: (17 Apr, 2002)
While Terry and Caroline traveled to Luxor and Cairo, Tony and Theresa visited an Oasis. Their host, the son of the local sheik, graciously served tea, coffee, the sheesha or hookah, and tales of Bedouin life.
The Full Red Sea Monty: (26 Mar, 2002)
While sailing up the Red Sea to Egypt, we encounter a variety of meteorological phenomena and take appropriate action.
The Night The Sea Turned White: (13 Mar, 2002)
Deep thoughts, mysterious observations, and serious duties while standing a night watch on the Red Sea.
The Road To Asmara: (07 Mar, 2002)
After a warm welcome from the people of Eritrea, a 70-cent bus ride to the capital city yields hot and cold running water, CNN, and Britney's new video.
The Bab Mandeb and a Sunset Over Africa: (02 Mar, 2002)
Oman to Eritrea; more on the pirateless pirate zone.
A Fissiparous Fleet: (02 Mar, 2002)
Our Mutual Defense Pact (MDP) fails, as does an engine oil hose (EOH) but we pass through the Pirate Zone (PZ) and arrive safely in Eritrea.
Oman: (28 Feb, 2002)
Now safely through the Pirate Zone, we can tell you a little about Oman. Topics including the dress and warmth of its citizens, meetings amongst the cruisers, and a tanker party.
Intense Preparations: (16 Feb, 2002)
Our convoy through the pirate infested Gulf of Aden begins Monday. We'll be running silent, email wise, till we reach Eritrea, about a week and a half hence.
Gun Control: (13 Feb, 2002)
We're in Oman, more that half way around the world longitudinally speaking, where we smoke the locals in a beer can regatta. Also, some thoughts on why we're not "packing heat" as they say back in the states.
High Wind, Heavy Seas: (07 Feb, 2002)
Amid stormy seas and Iranian drift nets, we keep on fetching our waypoint. Terry, a Certified Master Shade Tree Fixit Man, performs engine repair with bubblegum and rubberbands.
Okiva: (03 Feb, 2002)
Engine problems aboard OKIVA probably mean Paul and Francis won't join us soon, if ever.
Uligan: (31 Jan, 2002)
From Sri Lanka to the Maldives in three and a half days, where we're greeted by courteous officials, friendly residents, and the cleanest village you can imagine.
A Measured Response: (31 Jan, 2002)
A promise from the Captain of no more metrics.
Hell On Wheels: (24 Jan, 2002)
Defense against the Tigers, dealing with the Windsors, and a motorcycle ride in the "jungle."
Ceylon: (22 Jan, 2002)
Fun at a hong, followed by a speedy passage to Sri Lanka, where the computer reports to sick bay and we observe a very courageous woman.
What Terry Missed: (05 Jan, 2002)
Activities during Mr. Shrodes's absence include an elephant ride, white water rafting, a longtail boat ride, canoeing amongst the mangroves, a latex extraction deomo, and caving.
Up To Date: (02 Jan, 2002)
Briefly, our visit to Batam, which is in Indonesia, and Singapore; and the passage to Phuket Island in Thailand via the Strait of Malacca.
Merry Christmas From Phuket: (25 Dec, 2001)
Season's Greetings from Thailand, and a review of all the bad things that didn't happen to us while sailing here from Indonesia.
Anchored at Chalong Bay on the Island of Phuket, Thailand: (23 Dec, 2001)
Mr. Shrode will depart to visit his ailing mother and the Captain will remain.
On Our Way To Thailand: (17 Dec, 2001)
After repairs in Indonesia, we expedite our voyage to Thailand so Mr. Shrode can return to the States to visit his ailing mother.
Docked Near Singapore: (11 Dec, 2001)
Our laptop is hospitalized, and a preview of future reports.
1000 Miles To Windward: (11 Dec, 2001)
For the first time, it seemed possible that a passage might not be completed. It took 1700 miles of sailing through thunderstorms and adverse currents to cover the 1000 miles between Bali and Singapore. After straightening out some "problems" with our "papers" we settle in at the Nongsa Point Marina.
Leaving Kumai for Singapore: (01 Dec, 2001)
Maverick and Okiva are headed for Singapore.
Safe For Now: (01 Dec, 2001)
We take shelter in the Kumai River, Kalimantan, Indonesia.
The River: (01 Dec, 2001)
A cruise up the Kumai River to visit some fellow primates.
Gilang: (28 Nov, 2001)
Interesting insights from our Kumai guide, Gilang Ramadhan Albanjari.
Kumai: (28 Nov, 2001)
The sights, sounds, and flavors of Kumai, Kalimantan, Indonesia where, despite cultural and physical isolation, Britney Rules! (No beer though!)
How We Ran Aground: (27 Nov, 2001)
While seeking shelter from certain unfavorable meteorological phenomena, we run aground. A successful kedge is executed by our Search and Rescue Squad Leader, with indispensable help from the Bruce, the Danforth, and the Captain..
Battling Rough Conditions: (22 Nov, 2001)
A hellish day, going aground near Banjarmasin, then five hours of kedging.
Gentlemen Don't Do It: (21 Nov, 2001)
Details of the tough upwind segment from Bali to Singapore across the Java Sea, during which the Genoa was on the furler, the headsail was roller-reefed, and the traveler was up and down.
Java Jive: (19 Nov, 2001)
Francis from the Okiva catches up, the story of Sonny, contract laborer, eye glass stealing monkeys at a temple, and our departure from Bali.
Ain't No Bali High Enough: (15 Nov, 2001)
A report on our investigations of Bali, with particular attention to the architecture of the Hindu temple, and music.
Bali, Hi: (11 Nov, 2001)
Passage from Darwin, obtaining a cruising permit, a tour of Denpasar and its market, and views from a Muslim bartender.
Paradise Lost: (11 Nov, 2001)
A tour of the Endeavor and the Darwin area, and some thoughts on continuing the voyage.
The Origin of the Specious: (15 Oct, 2001)
Passage to Darwin, a search of Maverick, and her two days out of water. Also, cheap rent at the Cullen Bay Marina (good), and rumors of returning cruisers from Indonesia (not good).
A Piscatory Story: (06 Oct, 2001)
Gone fishin', Addenda and Errata, and a few PS's.
Torres Strait, No Chaser: (04 Oct, 2001)
Our patience pays off and we pass through the Torres Strait safely.
Bonfire Of The Inanities: (01 Oct, 2001)
While waiting to cross the Torres Strait, we take up the issue of Sheath vs Piece, including the Catagorical Imperative, Universal Law, Relativism, and Kant's Rule.
Here We Go: (28 Sep, 2001)
Despite concern for Malaria, we're off for the Torres Strait.
Faith Is The Place: (28 Sep, 2001)
In view of recent events, we consider a few options; additional details on the Torres Strait; a plea for secrecy.
The Kite That Took A Flight: (27 Sep, 2001)
More racing excitement with 30 knot winds, torn sails flying everywhere, beams hitting women, guys falling overboard, all the while getting closer to the reef.
Mr. Shrode's Wild Ride: (24 Sep, 2001)
Jammin' with rum and some fellow cruisers; attempted vessel hijacking, followed by a slightly less idiotic endeavor; notes on our host club.
Behind Closed Doors: (20 Sep, 2001)
Passage to Port Moresby with a scandalized main, poled-out headsails and drifter, and a leeward Genoa. Back to work, planning for the Torres Strait.
The Captain Goes Off: (14 Sep, 2001)
Political commentary from your Captain.
We're OK, Are You OK?: (13 Sep, 2001)
We heard the news today.
Missionary Impossible: (09 Sep, 2001)
Weather and sea report between Vanuatu and...Papua New Guinea? Australia? Max speed to date; Nativism 101: the Theory and Practice of Bare Breasted Women.
Where There's a Will There's a Wei: (01 Sep, 2001)
The willful Weis of the Balmette, no time for the stop Australia.
Vanuatu Tu: (31 Aug, 2001)
Sea conditions between Fiji and Vanuatu, including a doused genny and a jib on the furler; Port Vila's sophistication and stange customs of the outer island's inhabitants; a precautionary visit to a hospital.
Fijiphila: (23 Aug, 2001)
Weather basics, a Fearless update, upcoming elections, and a departure for Vanuatu.
Malolo Lailai: (12 Aug, 2001)
Easy passage to Viti Levu and the world famous Musket Cove Yacht Club to enjoy resort living and the best weather yet.
A Little White Lau: (03 Aug, 2001)
More on the mysterious Lau Group of islands, a music review, and a request for no news.
I Tell You No Lau: (31 Jul, 2001)
Fearless resurrected, DUI with kava, some general culture notes, and forbidden islands.
The Question Man: (29 Jul, 2001)
Arrival in Fiji, fear, misconceptions, and a word about slapdash generalizations.
Kava Jive: (23 Jul, 2001)
A theory on the colonization of Fiji. Also, a traditional welcome, complete with "grog," also known as kava or yaqona.
Savusavu and the Road to Lambasa: (21 Jul, 2001)
Olympic Finns, more races, a bus trip over the island, and a visit with a farmer.
Prefrontal Geometry: (15 Jul, 2001)
Close-hauled, broad reach, beam reach, Vmg of four, and standing off all night.
So Long Tonga: (10 Jul, 2001)
Another race (we win!), touring by bike, native fare and local vino.
Saturday Night at the Races: (30 Jun, 2001)
Quick passage to Tonga, a challenge not to be ignored, and a fine showing in competition.
What's Niue: (25 Jun, 2001)
The Rock of Polynesia...Mayberry of the South Pacific. Also, a style update from Ship's Hairstylist Terry Shrode.
Dinnertime: (16 Jun, 2001)
Pineapple Princess ham parts, a moon out tonight, dedicted to the one...
Soon, to Sea: (10 Jun, 2001)
The prop arrives but the outboard rod bearing fails. Terry feels better.
Bora Bora Bora: (04 Jun, 2001)
Jet skis, sick bay, and roosters.
French Polynesia for Gentlemen: (29 May, 2001)
Pretty skies, relaxation, sociology, and flora and fauna.
Tahaa Ha Ha: (25 May, 2001)
Anchoring at Raiatea. Did we mentioned the auto pilot broke again?
Huahine Weenies: (25 May, 2001)
Moorea to Huahine, bad weather, and a change of destination to Raiatea.
Other Than That Mrs. Lincoln, How Did You Enjoy The Play: (16 May, 2001)
After more repairs, we now find ourselves in Moorea.
Terror In Tahiti, Part 3: (16 May, 2001)
The crisis abates.
Terror in Tahiti, Part 2: (15 May, 2001)
Trouble on the reef from the storm.
Terror In Tahiti, Part 1: (13 May, 2001)
Anchored in Papeete, Tahiti, Theresa and Caroline appear, as does a big storm.
Current Mystery Clarified: (04 May, 2001)
More on tides, and a meeting with the skipper of a 140-ft., 300 ton vessel.
To The Tuamotus: (01 May, 2001)
We'll head for Fakarava, but change course for Rangiroa. Trouble with tides.
Contacts With The Natives: (29 Apr, 2001)
Observations of the locals.
Departing the Marquisess: (24 Apr, 2001)
Hiking around Nuku Hiva, beer, preparing to leave for the Tuamotu Archipelago.
Nuku Hiva : (21 Apr, 2001)
Other islands of the Marquesas, shopping for groceries, loss and return of documents.
Damage Report: (16 Apr, 2001)
Easter Sunday, broken autopilot belt, alcohol.
Land Fall: (13 Apr, 2001)
1st sight of land since leaving San Francisco Bay, coming ashore, and the mood aboard.
Hiva Oa Update: (12 Apr, 2001)
Our 1st landing is 24 hours away.
Crossing The Line: (10 Apr, 2001)
Crossing the Equator and the weather outlook for the next few days.
The Bath: (05 Apr, 2001)
Water collection and its use.
The Tropics: (31 Mar, 2001)
Improving weather, the night sky, more dolphins, and the Intertropical Convergence Zone.
Flying Fish: (29 Mar, 2001)
Grammar contest winners, weather, galley menu, and flying fish.
Marine Mammal Alert: (24 Mar, 2001)
Morale problems, warming weather, dolphins.
Vomit: (23 Mar, 2001)
Same as subject.
2nd Dispatch from Sea: (22 Mar, 2001)
Equipment difficulties and a grammar quiz.
(No Subject Given) (17 Mar, 2001)
A prerecorded message sent just after departure.
She's Leaving Home: (16 Mar, 2001)
Final preparations for our departure and an invite to see us off.
The Crew: (08 Mar, 2001)
That the sea is a dangerous place is sufficiently documented.
The Boat: (06 Mar, 2001)
Our fine vessel, Maverick by name, is a 1972 Ericson 39 flush-deck sloop designed by Bruce King.
The Plan: (06 Mar, 2001)
The crew of Maverick is going to begin looking for a weather window for our departure about March 15 of 2001.

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