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The Golden Gate (07-Jun-2003-13-20):
1:20 PM local time, Saturday, June 7 (2300 June 7 UTC). 37 49 N 122 28 W. Temp. 66, Humidity 66%, Cloud Cover 100%. In San Francisco Bay.

At 1:15 pm Maverick passed under the Golden Gate Bridge. A little earlier, at 11:30 AM (1830 UTC), on a bleak, cold, and foggy morning, we had entered the San Francisco shipping channel, completing our circumnavigation. The only people there to witness this event were Mr. Shrode and the Captain. In a string beginning with Magellan in 1522 or Drake in 1580 depending on how you count it, the crew of Maverick is the most recent entry, if one of the humbler ones. We have joined the ranks of the explorers, privateers, merchants, heroes, blackguards, warriors, idle adventurers, champion sailors, desperados, housewives, grandmothers, teenagers, infants, dogs, cats, and parrots who have preceded us around the world. We tip our hats to them. More later.

As the Golden Gate fades in the distance, the Captain and Crew of Maverick smile at the sight of the crowd of well-wishers gathering in Richmond.

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