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Battling Rough Conditions (22-Nov-2001-10-00):
We've figured out how to see the computer using a flashlight which works if the glare isn't strong and that's how I can write this. Had a hellish day yesterday. Trying to get into Banjarmasin, we went aground in lots of current and chop. Even though we had reasonable charts, it turns out that the channel into the harbor had shifted. We could not at any time raise anyone on the radio to give us some local knowledge or help conning our way in. We spent five extremely difficult hours kedging the boat off while Maverick took a horrible pounding and then anchored for the night in the Java Sea off the channel, a lee shore in five-foot chop. While we were aground, a tug lost power and its barge started drifting in our direction, but the driver got enough control to stop it. Luckily we were in mud, or the boat would be toast. We are pretty much decided not to try it again today. On the other hand, Okiva is still offshore where we were when we sought shelter and conditions have not abated. We've been in touch on the radio and they're getting their brains beat out.

The current plan is to weigh anchor again and head along the shore, where conditions are not as rough, and try to make some progress to the northwest. The wind, ever since Bali, has been on the nose and even though Maverick is a great upwind boat, we turned in here because we could not make good a course any closer than 90 degrees to the wind. In the Farallones race, for comparison purposes, Maverick sailed well upwind in fifteen foot seas, three foot wind waves, and 35 knots of wind. Whatever is out there is worse than that. We would be very glad to anchor in a safer place or find a harbor, but there are currently no better choices, other than returning to Bali, which would end the trip, than the ones I've presented.

Wish us luck, Yer pals,

Tony and Terry

PS We just realized yesterday was thanksgiving so it is appropriate that we take time to give thanks that Maverick has survived and that we're OK. Plus, that we have Theresa and Caroline and all of our families to watch over us, and all of our friends to share this with. Even out here, where there is no one to help, we get a lot of extra miles from that thought.

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