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Homeward Bound (20-Mar-2003-10-30):
10:30 AM local time, Thursday, March 20 (1530 Mar. 20 UTC) 08 05 N 083 38 W. Temp. 89, Humidity 73%, Cloud Cover 30%. Off the coast of Costa Rica.

Greetings from the crew of Maverick. It is my understanding that, by the time you receive this, America will have begun its war against Iraq. Since you back home have more important concerns, we'll make this a brief one.

We are once again in communication with the HAM net that we reported in to from California to the South Pacific, almost exactly two years ago. These are the folks who put our position on the internet, so those of you who are interested can check daily to see where we are.

So far the wind has managed to find where we want to go and be there first, heading back at us. The weather faxes seem to promise light off-shore breezes, but although it's been light, it's been on the nose, producing short, choppy seas in which Maverick, overburdened with her full complement of fuel, water, and provisions, is laboring.

We'll have more to say in few days. Meanwhile, we're going to try to find a frequency for the BBC.

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