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Santa Barbara (28-May-2003-23-00):
11:30 PM local time, Wednesday, May 28 (0630 May 29 UTC) 34 24 N 119 41 W. Temp. 70, Humidity 66%, Cloud Cover 100%. At the Santa Barbara Marina, Santa Barbara, California.

Greetings from the crew of Maverick.

We had to stay another day in San Diego to wait for it to stop blowing hard in the wrong direction so we left Tuesday morning and made a quick trip of it up here to Santa Barbara by Wednesday noon. We had some dense fog on the way after passing Catalina and spent a rather fretful night and morning dodging heavy traffic in the Santa Barbara Channel. We had three or four encounters with ships that passed within a half-mile or less that we couldn't see at all, so it was IFR all the way. I don't have any idea how you would have survived this without GPS and radar.

Quite a few folks came down to visit Maverick in San Diego and we hope more will visit Saturday morning here in Santa Barbara. We'll start at 9:00 AM and if the weather is going to permit us to leave on Saturday as planned, we will probably leave in the early afternoon. Now, it looks as though it will be pretty difficult for Maverick, who is a girl that doesn't like to back up, to get out of this slip, so if you're lucky you may be able to watch a bit of a train wreck as we depart. If you want to come, you'll have to either look nice and smile as someone lets you in the gate, or else go to the Harbormaster's office above West Marine and tell them you want to see Maverick. They'll buzz you through the gate. We're in slip O (as in Oscar) 28 of Marina One but the number will be hard to see. When you get through the gate, walk straight ahead quite a way until you get to the finger marked "O" and hang a left. We will be in the 5th slip from the end on your left, bow in, with a (once upon a time) white hull and a blue shear stripe.

Hope to See you there.

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