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She's Leaving Home (16-Mar-2001-06-28):
Maverick has let it's crew know that she's girded her loins and is prepared to sail. Now the crew will stow their personal gear, the fresh produce will be purchased and shipped, and the harbormaster will be notified. The weather in the near term looks favorable, and after consulting the tide tables the navigation officer has determined that a low slack occurring about 3:00 PM local time Saturday will provide the optimum opportunity to pass under the Gate. The dying ebb will give us a push from Richmond, saving fuel, and slack will bring the easiest passage through the shipping channel west of Point Bonita. We'll plan to cast off our lines about noon to be a little early.

Many of you have indicated a desire to be there at our slip when we depart. To do this, follow the directions we gave you in the email for the party last week and meet at the gate at E dock at 10:00 AM. The lock has been fixed so someone must let you in, and if you're late this may be delayed until you're noticed. We've moved the boat back to her assigned berth so she's no longer close to the gate. If something unexpected delays us, we'll send you an email; otherwise you will not hear from us between now and when we leave.

After we sail from the Marina, it is possible, if one has the notion, to drive to the Marin Headlands and watch the boat sail under the Golden Gate Bridge towards the horizon. This is because cars go faster than boats.

The Captain and his crew would like to extend their fondest regards to all of you who have so generously and warmly supported our efforts the last few days and also to apologize that we haven't been able to take as much time with each of you as we should have desired. The brief time we did spend with you in person or by phone or email will, however, be of inestimable value to us as we venture to places where the recollection of your encouragement will be our primary sustainance.

This will be the last land-based email. We'll attempt to send something from the boat just after departing on Saturday and then it will probably be a couple of days before you hear from us as we gain our sea legs. Here we'd like to issue a general caveat to those who tend to fret. If a long wait occurs between emails it most likely means no more than that we have little to report. Even if the emails cease altogether, the probable cause will be a system failure. If you're reading this you have a computer and you know computers crash and software has bugs, etc. A beverage might, due to momentary distraction, find its way to the radio or keyboard, and in general the sea is a particularly hostile environment for electronics. If a real disaster has happened, we'll hit the EPIRB, Theresa and Caroline will be notified, and so will you.

Don't worry. Be happy.

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